Cashew Milk

450ml Glass Bottle, Chilled
฿199 per 450ml Bottle (ex VAT)

**Order before 8pm for next-day availability; if after 8pm, +2 days** If you’ve been buying cashew milk in a cardboard carton at the grocery store, you’re in for a treat. Every single one of those long-shelf-life nut milks has been processed with HPP (high pressure processing) to remove enzymes that cause it to spoil quickly. (Nut milk made with ONLY nuts and water will spoil within 1-2 days maximum.) Those mass-produced nut milks are also usually cut with questionable seed oils, sometimes as high as 5%, or have added gums for texture, shelf-life or both. (Check your labels!) The HPP process, while killing bacteria, also removes lots of the beneficial nutrients in cashews. The alternative is cold pressing, which is basically what it sounds like - no heat, no HPP. You just soak the cashews in water, give them a light blend, and use a press to squeeze out the “milk.” (Note to our dairy-sensitive friends: this is not actual milk and contains no dairy.) Our cashew milk is cold-pressed daily on the day of your delivery, to maximize freshness. Because we add a pinch of Himalayan rock salt (a natural, mild preservative), you can keep it in the fridge for 4-5 days before it spoils. Good luck with making it last that long, however, because this stuff is delicious. Try it straight up, make a cashew milk latte with coffee or tea, or put it in a smoothie, or use it in sauces or dressings. The ingredients are only: -Thai cashews -Himalayan rock salt -raw wild honey, for a touch of sweetness and consistency (<1%, approx. 4ml per 450ml bottle) -filtered water. You can also try our organic grass-fed milk.