Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fresh & Fruity

Glass bottle 375ml

From Australia

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Harvest of 2016 with 100% natural fresh olives. First cold pressed, with a fresh and fruity flavor. We could talk about our olives for hours. The variety, the flavour, the health benefits, how they’re grown, the right time to pick, how we turn them into olive oil. A little obsessive, sure. But it’s only by meticulously growing, harvesting, cold pressing and bottling this fruit that we can produce one of the world’s most awarded extra virgin olive oils right here in Australia. At Cobram Estate, our passion for every single olive inspires everything we do. From tree to table, we nurture our fruit to create fresh, healthy, antioxidant rich, award-wining extra virgin olive oils. We look after every stage of production – from planting and picking to ensure freshness, to pressing and bottling to guarantee enjoyment.

JC   2 years ago

super easy to pour

NW   3 years ago

High quality and well chosen.

CK   3 years ago

Real olive oil and great taste!