Coconut Almond Milk (Large)

500ml Glass Bottle, Chilled


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Element's 'Vanilla Almond Milk' is creamy, naturally sweetened with dates, and pretty delicious. For this recipe they use only fresh dates and real vanilla. It is a great alternative to soy milk. Element exclusively uses Sierra Valley Almonds from California for all our almond milks! All their almond milks are cold-pressed, soy free, lactose and gluten free, unpasteurized and vegan. Expect a strong almond flavor as they use up to 3x more nuts per bottle than other leading brands. They do not add gums or emulsifiers, so don't forget to refrigerate and shake well before enjoying! All Element almond milks are freshly cold pressed on the morning of your delivery. We don't treat them in any way. Each juice contains live enzymes and is highly perishable. They bottle the juice right away in reusable, recyclable glass bottles (100% BPA FREE) and get it to you within hours. Because they don't add any preservatives, make sure to drink your juices and nut milks within a few days. They might naturally separate within a day, so shake before opening!