Free-range Chicken Breast

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Vacuum Pack 350-440gr, 2 Breasts, Frozen
฿130 per Pack

Local free-range chicken breast. Antibiotic and growth hormone-free. We raise our chickens on our own farm. Our chickens live under a roof, but are not confined and have an outside area equivalent of 4 football fields to roam around. The outside area is shaded by lots of trees, which you can see below on the pictures we took during one of our regular visits. We do not feed them any GMO's, antibiotics or growth promoters, making this item local and 100% free-range chicken breast.

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At the Paleo Robbie farm, our hens forage for their own diet and sometimes get lucky and find larvae and termites. At dinner we spoil them with turmeric which helps boost their immune system and crickets to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need. We know for a fact that healthy chickens and ducks produce better eggs and we are confident to say we have the best free-range chicken breast in Thailand. As the chickens have strong immune systems, the farms simply don't need to use any antibiotics. Pasture-raised poultry is always free of growth hormone promoters. You can also try our pasture-raised chicken eggs. Robbie wrote this blog article a while back about why you never find pasture-raised eggs in the supermarket. To make sure our chicken is really clean we send random samples from the farm for testing. You can find the latest result here. If there is anything else you’d like to know about our free-range chicken breast, shoot us a message on Facebook or contact us.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat3 g
Total Protein23 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g
   3 years ago
Great quality and taste.
   3 years ago
tender, juicy
   3 years ago
Excellent flavour and texture and not full of water.
   4 years ago
easiest way to keep chicken for random meals throughout the week
   5 years ago
Good quality and portion size
   5 years ago
i like chickens
   5 years ago
Nicer texture than farmed