Free-range Ground Chicken Thigh

500gr Vacuum Pack, Frozen

From Thailand

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Free-range chicken thighs(skinless) ground in house to a fine mince. Perfect for comfort food at home. Local free-range chicken breast. Antibiotic and growth hormone free. We raise our chickens on our own farm. Our chickens live under a roof, but are not confined and have an outside area equivalent of 4 football fields to roam around. The outside area is shaded by lots of trees, which you can see below on the pictures we took during one of our regular visits. We do not feed them any GMO's, antibiotics or growth promoters. To make sure our chicken is really clean we send random samples from the farm for testing. You can find the latest result here.

Per 100 grams
Total Fat4 g
Total Protein20 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
     Total Fiber0 g

JS   a month ago

Best chicken in Thailand!

ND   a month ago

Absolutely delicious, beautiful product!

JS   8 months ago

Every pack of chicken I've bought in the grocery store in Thailand has smelled like it was rotten. But never have I had this happen with PaleoRobbie's Chicken. Always smell fresh! Thank you

JS   8 months ago

I let my paleo chicken thighs run out before I ordered again. I needed some chicken so I bought some at Tops.. After having bought chicken from Paleo for a year, I had forgotten how awful chicken bought from the local grocery store smells. Honestly, I thought it was spoiled but then I remembered that is how it smells. I will not run out again!

JS   a year ago

Well ground and juicy flavor!

SH   2 years ago

good texture; nice flavor; adapts well to various cooking techniques and recipes

ST   3 years ago

Great quality