Frozen Broccoli Sprouts x12

12 x Pack around 40gr, Frozen
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Description Rhonda Patrick's favorite; frozen broccoli sprouts. Grown for 5 days in rich peat soil by Maarten's Microgreens. Then frozen to increase the sulforaphane and packed in ziplock bags. Completely free from pesticides or fertilizers. This is a bundle of 8 individual packs of 40 gram portions each. Microgreens are nutrient and flavor packed young mini versions of fully grown vegetables. Chefs use microgreens to decorate their dishes. They make everything look better and fresh, but some microgreens are not just pretty. They have hidden powers! Broccoli microgreens for example are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and help your body fight cancer cells. In broccoli microgreens the healthy, good-for-you, natural chemicals responsible for the health boost are far more concentrated compared to fully grown broccoli. Origin At Paleo Robbie, we source the best quality microgreens from Mr. Maarten’s Microgreens which are grown without pesticides, from safe seeds, grown in organic growing media. We freeze the greens for you so that it’s ready to use in smoothies. Recommendations Perfect for smoothies to get your extra kick of nutrients and sulforaphane. Broccoli microgreens have a very mild taste, so you can mix them easily with any smoothie or shake. Frozen in the blender is the best way to mix and to ensure you get the full potential of the sulforaphane. ===For more information, please read below=== Broccoli microgreens contain a lot of sulforaphane, a powerful anticarcinogen and antibacterial compound. At minus 20 degrees the level of sulforaphane is at its maximum. For an in-depth study regarding sulforaphane, we highly recommend you set aside around 45 minutes to watch the below highly educational and informative video by Dr. Rhonda Patrick on the health benefits and longevity benefits of sulforaphane; If you're short on time then we highly recommend watching this video where Dr. Patrick condensed the information to an easier to digest length;

Per 100 grams
Total Fat0 g
Total Protein4 g
Total Carbohydrates8 g
Total Fiber4 g