Mae Sruay Organic Light-Medium Roast Whole Beans

Mae Sruay, Chiang Rai
200gr Bag
฿199 per 200g Bag (ex VAT)

- Single-estate - Certified 100% USDA Organic Arabica beans - Lab tested for mold & aflatoxins - Fair Trade to promote chemical-free farming - Freshly roasted once a month - Hand-selected beans roasted to perfection by our artisan roaster Sarnies Our Light-Medium roast is recommended for filter coffee like Aeropress, V60 and french press. Flavour notes this month: Cashews / Raisins / Fresh Toast Arabica Cultivars: Mix Bourbon, Typica & Catimor The villagers in Mae Sruay, Chiangrai province, hand-pick ripe red coffee beans at just the right time, which grew in the shade of their natural watershed forest at an altitude of 900-1300 meters. Paleo Robbie selected these beans because of their freshness (coffee beans are a fruit!), bold aroma and unique full-flavour, and being truly organic with evidence to back it up. The fresher the beans the higher in anti-oxidants they are. From picking, the beans are washed and processed within 24 hours and sent to our speciality coffee roaster who hand-selects the beans and removes any substandard beans to obtain the perfect flavour and character for your coffee. You'll notice the flavour is very smooth and doesn't have a 'burnt' flavour common with dark roasts because we wanted to have a very high quality coffee with maximum anti-oxidant levels. After grinding, for optimal freshness one should consume the coffee within 1-2 weeks. Don't have a grinder? Ask Paleo Bjorn or put a note in the Comments in the checkout to have us professionally grind it for you for - Aeropress/filter/V60 - French Press or - Espresso Pro tip: The size of the grain is the most important factor in making perfect espresso. Good grinders allow you to adjust the ground size.

Per Jumbo
Total Fat0 g
Total Protein0 g
Total Carbohydrates0 g
Total Fiber0 g