Organic Baby Green Kale - 4 Pack

110-125gr bag x 4, fresh

Kao Yai

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Baby green kale from an organic farm just outside of Khao Yai. We trimmed the stems for a "stem-free" salad experience. Our 125g bag is a good size for a large salad or tossed into a green smoothie. This is the 4-pack bundle, in case you are a heavy salad eater or feeding some junior tribe members! Green kale is the "standard" kale variety that most people think about when thinking of kale. Vegans and omnivores agree that everyone can add more dark leafy greens to their diet. Rhonda Patrick, PhD, reports on kale: "In 2015 a double-blind, placebo-controlled study confirmed kale contains high amounts of lutein & zeaxanthin, which increases neural processing speed & efficiency in people." We regularly randomly test our vegetables for for nitrite and pesticide residues.

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