Organic Decaf - Medium Dark Roast Ground Beans 200gr

200gr bag, fresh
฿429 per 200g Bag (ex VAT)

Trying to hack your deep sleep, or just trying to reduce caffeine intake? Our freshly roasted organic paleo decaf coffee tastes great and is a true single origin bean without any chemicals. A special coffee roast by local artisan coffee roaster Phil Coffee. The coffee bean was naturally decaffeinated using an organic certified Swiss Water process. • 100% Arabica whole beans • Single Origin • Medium-dark roast, freshly roasted on 28th of April 2020 • For those who fancy a strong or darker roast coffee • Full bodied, chocolaty and creamy Colombia Excelso Organic - Swiss Water "Decaf" Origin: Colombia Region: Armenia Subregion: Tatama Producer: Appia Farmers Association Plant Varietal(s): Caturra Growing Altitude: >1,500 m.a.s.l. Processing Method: Fully Washed / Swiss Water Decaffeinated