Oven Roasted Pasture-fed Turkey

Whole Piece of Approx 5.0 +kg, Frozen

From Khao Yai

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More coming 9th November !! Our Pasture-fed Turkeys are locally raised under French supervision in the beautiful pastures of Khao Yai. They are raised without the use of artificial growth hormones nor antibiotics. Our chef is preparing 5 turkeys every week (so don't fret when out of stock, just click "Notify Me" to receive a note when the next 5 are ready:)). We're planning to only make 30 pieces in total for Thanksgiving 2019. The Oven Roasted Pasture-fed Turkey comes with stuffing and gravy. With access to large expansive space to roam and play, our turkeys are allowed to live happy and natural lives feeding on a natural feed that is grown at the farm. As you can see in the images, they're as free as a bird! Now you must know that our pasture-fed turkeys are dramatically different than the more commonly sold industrially-farmed turkeys from the US, more commonly known as butterballs Butterballs are farmed and processed in factories to make it just as easy as cooking chicken at home (and tastes just like chicken), while our pasture-fed turkeys are a game bird, so they are much leaner than butterballs and require quite a bit of prep work such as brining before cooking (ie. we brine for 3 days prior). Although requiring a bit more work, pasture-fed turkey tastes like how real turkey should and has a bit of texture which gives it a lovely mouthfeel. This year we decided to not sell raw pasture-fed turkeys as our head-chef will be preparing 30 oven-roasted turkeys complete with stuffing to make your life easier! Expect a great Thanksgiving dinner at the table with none of the stress and hassle of the preparation so you can focus on having fun and spending time with your friends and family. ** Want a raw big bird to cook for the holidays? We highly recommend our Capon Chicken as a great alternative which is also pasture-raised but is easier to prepare at home and tastes very similar to Butterball. One Capon Chicken can feed 4 adults. They are about 4.5kg each. The minimum weight of each oven-roasted turkey is 5kg including the stuffing and can feed at least 4-6 people (estimated net weight of carved meat is 2kg). How to prepare your Paleo Robbie Oven-roasted Turkey: 1. Allow the turkey to defrost overnight in the fridge without unwrapping (it will require quite a bit of space but should fit most home fridges) 2. Unwrap the turkey fully and leave on the kitchen counter for another 2 to 3 hours to allow it to come up to room temperature which is ideal for cooking. The Turkey Gravy is supplied separately (about 1 litre) and can be defrosted much quicker. 3. Preheat your oven to 150 Celcius. 4. Once the turkey has been brought up to room temperature, move it onto a baking tray and pour the gravy generously over the turkey, making sure to cover as much as possible. 5. Wait till your oven is heated to 150 celsius minimum, then place the turkey in the oven for 30 minutes or until the skin turns golden crispy brown. 6. Serve and carve!