Pure Luck® - Better Than Cola Kombucha

From Thailand
Bottle 120ml, Chilled
฿119 per 120ml Bottle (ex VAT)

Now everyone can drink Cola again. Made with dried red wine grape skins, blackberries, raspberries, lavender flowers, maple syrup with ancient Pu-erh tea – a sun-dried green tea. Naturally caffeinated, malty and sour with notes of plum, caramel and honey-bourbon. Pure Luck® Kombucha begins with the finest teas and medicinal herbs, hand brewed with mountain spring water, drawing on inspiration from tradition, and honoring ceremonial technique. They ferment every batch in glass and offer a magically crafted, energetic, happiness potion in each 120mlbottle designed to be the perfect amount of living, rich, Pure Kombucha - unfiltered, naturally carbonated, naturally caffeinated, non-GMO, gluten free & low sugar with NO ADDED JUICES or FLAVORS