The Julian Bakery, InstaKetones, Orange Burst - Caffeine Free

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InstaKetones is a true game changer in helping you reach and maintain your ideal weight. InstaKetones (Exogenous Ketones) dramatically increases endurance and promotes a leaner more sculpted look in conjunction with IKDiet and exercise plan. It can boost measurable blood ketones by up to 2.0 mmol/L within 40 mins. Ketones are a super fuel by the muscles and brain where they generate more energy (ATP) per unit of oxygen consumed than do carbohydrates, protein, or fat. InstaKetones powder has 11.7 grams of the ketone body BetaHydroxybutyrate (BHB) per serving - the maximum amount your body can uptake per serving. Consumption of InstaKetones before exercise can result in significantly reduced brain fog, increased oxygen demand, increases in performance - and may also heighten mental acuity and performance. InstaKetones is excellent for individuals on Keto & IKDiet plans who need energy but must limit carbohydrate and calorie intake which yield weight loss results. InstaKetones curbs appetite and cravings allowing you to feel great while you lose the weight with the (caloric deficit) plan. Suggested Use Over the course of the first 4 days work your way up gradually from 1/2 scoop to 1 full scoop per serving. Can be consumed 1 to 3 times a day, 15 to 3 min after eating, spaced out every 4 hrs. Schedule one serving 30 minutes before exercise. Do not consume carbohydrates, starches, sugar (including fruit), for a minimum of 4 hours after consuming a serving of InstaKetones. Other Ingredients Sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate, citric acid, natural flavor, taurine, luo han guo extract, l-leucine, l-tyrosine, beta carotene (color).