Unripe Australian Hass Avocados (Fresh)

From NZ/Australia
4.7  (7  reviews)
Bag of 3
฿229 per 3 Pack

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The Hass avocado is the most common variety grown in Australia accounting for around 80 per cent of avocados available. Being a more robust fruit that can tolerate different climates they are able to be grown across most states of Australia. The Australian Hass avocado has the classic oval shape, a distinct pebbly textured skin that changes colours as it ripens - green to purple black. Premium and superiour taste with a smooth, creamy texture that is sure to satisfy you. To speed up ripening you can place in a paper bag together with a banana. For upcountry shipping we recommend to order our frozen ripened avocados. === Fats are a primary energy source for the body, and several types of fats are essential for survival. Monounsaturated fats, such as oleic acid, are found primarily in olives, avocados, some meats, and certain nuts, like macadamias. Like saturated fats, monounsaturated fats form the core structural fats of the body and are non-toxic even at high doses. Interestingly, monounsaturated fats seem to be the only fats that typically fat-phobic groups, like the American Heart Association, and fat-friendly groups, like the Atkins diet organization and other low-carb groups, can agree are completely healthy. Monounsaturated fats are known for their beneficial effects on cardiovascular disease risk markers. They have been shown to reduce LDL and triglycerides and increase HDL, decrease oxidized LDL, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure, and they may reduce the incidence of heart disease. (( click here))

Per 100 grams
Total Fat15 g
Total Protein2 g
Total Carbohydrates14 g
Total Fiber7 g
   2 years ago
I've never, ever had a bad one.
   2 years ago
A little small but a great product nevertheless!
   2 years ago
I've never had a rotten Avocado from Paleo Robbie!
   2 years ago
Excellent, tasty.
   2 years ago
Excellent quality
   2 years ago
still not ripe!
   2 years ago
most of them tend to be perfect but we always get a couple that go bad, turn back, hard lump ... not sure why..