Pasture-raised Beef & Lamb Chili w/ Avocado Ready Meal

Comes in a BPA Free Container 800-900gr, Frozen

Home Made

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Our Paleo version of a chili made with a combination of Lamb, Beef and Pork! Served with avocado to make this a Ketogenic favorite. Ingredients: Pasture-fed New Zealand Beef, Pasture-fed New Zealand Lamb, Free-range Pork, Onion, Capsicum, Spices, Avocado, Chili, Lime, Coriander Heat in the oven or microwave. When oven reheating please remove it from the container or your house will smell like burning truck tires for a while.

Per Jumbo
Total Fat89 g
Total Protein87 g
Total Carbohydrates52 g
     Total Fiber19 g