Organic Raw Wild Honey Infused Cacao Nibs

200gr Jar

From Thailand/Vietnam

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What about some honey flavored chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth? Freshly roasted, organically grown cocoa nibs from Ba Ria, Vietnam, are infused with organic, wild raw honey from Thailand. Absolutely delicious! Chocolate is traditionally made from grinding and refining roasted cocoa beans. Then, sugar is added to sweeten it. In 'normal' chocolate, many other things are added to keep the production cost lower. For example, a typical milk chocolate bar contains things like this. Cheap vegetable fats are added to increase the mass. These should be avoided when possible. The cocoa nibs taste like chocolate but also has the most crunchy texture like nuts. So you can really 'eat' them and enjoy the most beautiful harmony of rich floral honey & chocolate tastes, and nutty crunch! Perfect snack for the whole family. [How to eat] Use your imagination. It tastes amazing to eat it alone, or put it over your yogurt, bread, pancake, ice cream, you name it. It also tastes amazing to eat it with fresh fruits such as apples, pineapples and mangos. [Is it raw?] Honey is raw, but our cocoa nibs aren't. Why? First of all, all cacao beans get heated naturally during the fermentation. This process would make cocoa beans not raw. We receive the fermented cocoa beans directly from farms, which are then sorted and roasted. Without the roast, the beans contains pathogens which can be harmful to our body. The roasting also allows the flavors inside the cocoa beans to develop, and make the texture crunchy like nuts.