Bulletproof Matcha Tea Trial Set (10 Cups +)

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Drink Bulletproof Matcha at home to facilitate intermittent fasting and get an incredible brain boost! With this set, you can make over 10 cups of Bulletproof matcha so that you can see how you feel if you take it every day. This set contains: Stone-ground, organic matcha powder from Kyoto, ceremonial grade: 30g MCT oil: 100ml Delicious grass-fed ghee made by us, using grass-fed butter from New Zealand: 350ml All you need is a blending equipment (a blender or milk foamer). We suggest using 2g of matcha powder to brew a cup, then add MCT oil (start with 1/2 teaspoon as some people may get upset stomach), and 2 tablespoon of ghee. The more ghee you put, more satiated you will be. You can always take more MCT oil if you are ok with it, but progress slowly. MCT oil can be used anytime of the day, but it is NOT a cooking oil. Take it after the carbohydrate rich meal or snack, it will help to fuel your brain when your blood sugar is spiking in your body. Ghee, on the other hand, can be used for cooking as it has a high smoke point.