CSA Vegetable Box 100% Organic

5kg Box


  • ฿695 per Box

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Weekly vegetable box with 100% organic vegetables from small and local farms. No pesticides or fertilizers are used. Soil and crop tests certificates will be available shortly. Ifoam and USDA organic certified. The box focuses mainly on Western vegetables and can only be delivered on Tuesday and Wednesday each week. The vegetables are harvested and washed on Monday, so you are guaranteed super fresh and nutritious vegetables. In supermarkets it can often take 3-14 days before you purchase them. The box contains vegetables from at least 5 different families each week and you're supporting them as we buy from directly without a middle man. There is no plastic wrap around the vegetables and the box is made from recycled material. There will be holes in your leafs and in general the vegetables are less watery, smaller and more flavorful than you're used to. If some ants are hiding in your Mangosteen please don't panic. Since 0 pesticides are used this can happen every now and then. The ants are harmless;) Planned List for May 7th and 8th**: PakChoi 0.5 Red Cabbage 0.5 Japannese carrot 0.3 Potato 1 Onion 0.2 Zucchini 0.5 Beetroot 0.5 Bell Pepper 0.5 Cherry Tomato 0.2 Lemon 0.3 Baby Carrot 1 **These items are planned, but some may be substituted. We only have a few small farms and we may not have enough for all boxes.