Lirah Aged Sweet Apple Vinegar

Bottle 750ml

From Australia

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Aged Sweet Apple vinegar - Made from Australian Pink Lady Apples. Made from only the best, freshly pressed Pink Lady apples and concentrated Apple juice. Aged in American oak barrels to allow the vinegar, and concentrated apple juice flavours to infuse this rich, intense modern vinegar style. Not a true Balsamic, as it doesn’t have the intense dark toffee flavours but that means it is vibrant and more suited to fresh cuisine. A sweeter style vinegar. A great dressing that works well with all green leaf salads from radicchio to cabbage. When used as a deglazing agent it leaves a sticky, sweet, asian style glaze. Made with 100% Australian Ingredients. No addivites, no flavorings, no colorings unlike other faux balsamics. Just pure ripe Australian Pink Lady Apples aged in American oak barrels.

Per Serving Size: 100 grams
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