Frozen Red Radish Sprouts

Pack 60gr, Frozen


  • ฿140 per Bag

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Red Radish microgreens are a bit different. They are bigger and have a powerful peppery flavor. They have the same amount of cancer fighting chemicals as broccoli. It is a great source of Folate, a type of B vitamin. Our bodies need folate to make DNA and other genetic material. Folate is also needed for the body's cells to divide. Other vitamins highly present in Red Radish microgreens are A, E, C and K. Grown for 5 days in rich peat soil by Maarten's Microgreens. Then frozen to increase the sulforaphane and packed in ziplock bags. Completely free from pesticides or fertilizers. Perfect for smoothies to get your extra kick of nutrients and sulforaphane. At minus 20 degrees the level of sulforaphane is at its maximum. At Paleo Robbie we get the best quality microgreens from Mr. Maarten’s Microgreens which are grown without pesticides, from safe seeds, grown in organic growing media. We freeze the greens for you so that it’s ready to use in smoothies.