Moulin du Calanquet Olive Oil 100% Aglandeau

750ml Glass Bottle

From France

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Olive oils come in a wide variety of tastes depending on types of fruitiness and the level of bitterness and hotness (or spiciness). These variations are generally linked to the variety of olives used, their level of ripeness and the miller’s expertise. Green fruit A working technique that brings out very characteristic artichoke, apple, pepper, grapefruit and fresh almond aromas. These are often accompanied by a certain hotness and bitterness. Aglandau oil is characterised by a medium to intense hotness and a fruitiness strongly marked by raw artichoke aromas. A few useful hints Looking after your oil Like any fatty substance, virgin olive oil is sensitive to oxidation, which turns it rancid and reduces its nutritional value. To keep oxidation to the minimum, you should take precautions to store your oil carefully at home: - Away from light - Away from air - Away from heat Using your oil As well as using it cold for seasoning, olive oil can also be used cooked, heated and even for frying: it retains its beneficial effects for health due to its physical and chemical characteristics, and in particular its high smoking point (210°c), which means that it stands up well to high temperatures.