Paulette Otten - Success Story

This is the success story of one of  Paulette Otten written in her own words, and her battles with overcoming fibromyalgia and breast cancer.

The following story is written by Paulette. 

I decided to make a change in Thailand

I moved to Thailand with my husband who works for the Embassy, and our 2 kids.

Before that we lived in Curacao, Finland and Senegal.

My health problems started 12 years ago, just before moving to Finland.

I got a viral infection (parvovirus) and did not get well afterwards.

I started to feel extremely fatigued, had nerve pains, muscle pains all over but especially in my hands and arms, and could not get into a deep sleep.

After consulting many doctors, finally in Finland I found a pain specialist who tested me on Fibromyalgia.

It turned out that this was what was going on.

A couple of years later I was also diagnosed with breast cancer.

I did the whole chemo and surgery round, and after 6 years I am happy to say I am a survivor.

Fibromyalgia is still bothering me in a major way though. As it has gone to the neck and back as well, which is quite debilitating.

But I am a super optimist, and refused to be beaten by this or the cancer.

I wanted to nurture my body, and started my healing journey when I arrived in Thailand.

I said to myself, “now is the time” this is the place to do it!

Take things in my own hands as well, next to guidance of both conventional as holistic professionals. This put me right on the path of healthy diets. As it turned out, I had a leaky gut, with numerous food intolerances, such as dairy, eggs and soy.

I wanted to eat pure and protein rich. Not wanting to let go of meat and fish. The best diet for me turned out to be Paleo. 

I started learning more about the right foods to eat

When moving to Thailand, I knew this was the opportunity for me to change my lifestyle.

I did extensive blood, food intolerance and allergy tests, and it turned out I was highly sensitive to eggs, dairy, nuts and soy.

I also read up on different diets leaving out these food groups, keeping in mind this was quite a challenge, and I needed to keep my protein intake high enough.

I went to a holistic doctor downtown, who rather than dealing with the symptoms, looked for the main cause and treated from there. 

My nervous system and immune system needed to calm down.

I had nerve pain, sensitivity for light and sound and touch. Strange tremors, it was like my body needed a reset button. 


Because of my ongoing chronic illness, my body did not absorb enough nutrients, vitamins and amino acids.

Healing the gut was KEY.

The PALEO DIET was the best diet to help me do this. With clean, organic and honest products, fish and meat that was not contaminated with pesticides and antibiotics, and extra supplements such as MCT oil, cumin.

It was very difficult at first having to give up so many things I love to eat, and to figure out new recipes that were tasty, but I wanted so much to heal! 

Changing my diet for better health 

A good friend of mine told me about Paleo Robbie, and it was like getting to know a great new friend who was going to make my life a lot easier!

The recipes of the meal plan are well thought over and the product line is extensive and of good quality/price value.

I order every week and do not have to question if the food is clean and pesticide free. In Thailand, one will always have to question if the fish/shrimps/meat or veggies are tampered with. Paleo Robbie is a safe option. 

I have drastically cut out all processed foods, read up on healthy recipes that could support my condition, such as avoiding inflammatory foods and about 3 months ago also cut out gluten.

As a result, I lost quite some weight, but I am trying to keep up with enough protein.

Paleo Robbie is helping with that, as I also get inspired by their meals and products online. I learned to combine many beneficial oils- such as MCT oil, pure coconut oil and fruits and vegetables, and now make very yummie smoothies and juices.

The thing is... what you put in will show outside.

My hair starts to grow back, instead of losing it and getting brittle. My nails are strong and don’t break off anymore.

I am told that my skin is having a healthy glow. But on the inside things start to happen too.

I would normally get up feeling fatigued and needing quite some time to get started. Now I get up and feel already charged and ready.

I needed to make choices every day, planning my activities in such a way that I had enough rest time in between.

Or I would just cancel my appointment, again because I was just too tired to go.

Now I have more energy, still planning, but not so vigorously, and cancelling is no longer on my agenda.

It feels like I slowly am getting my old self back.

I am not there yet, but just the feeling that I am on the right track is worth so much! It gives me hope that by taking some control back, I will get better.

I refuse to give up or accept that this was my life. You only live once right, so make the absolute best of it! It all starts with nature, nurture and nourishment.

Today I have less acute pain and I feel my nerve and muscle pain are less present. Less cramped up. I am not pain-free, but also here I feel I am on the right track and I am getting some more confidence in trying to do some exercises.

Maybe it’s also that! More confidence! As this was what I was lacking after 12 years of running around in circles.

Truly yours,

I hope you enjoyed reading Paulette's journey and if you have a success story of your own, I would love to hear from you! Please send me or my brother Erik an email as your story can help to inspire others. You can reach us on Facebook or email at [email protected]


By Paleo Robbie