How Does The Weekly Paleo Meal Plan Work?

Paleo Robbie is Bangkok's largest independent meal delivery service providing over 4,720+ meals each month within Bangkok.

If you're tired of eating street-food or using other services that provide small portions, a lack of menu and low-quality ingredients, the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan offers:


  • 24-new dishes to pick from each week made by international chefs
  • Meals free of growth-hormones, additives, MSG and artificial ingredients
  • Delivery anywhere in Bangkok
  • Paleo Robbie meal that weigh 800g-1kg with 75g of protein or more


It's time to stop worrying whether your next meal will fill you up, be nutritionally balanced or mouth-watering delicious, with Paleo Robbie that's a given. 

All that food too much? Then don't worry, we also offer smaller sizes, you can choose the size of your meal when ordering. 

Keep reading below to see how our Meal Plan system works, or click the red button to view our latest menu. 


  • If you're a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 to receive 450฿ off when ordering 6 or more meals as a new customer.

How The Meal Plan Works

1. Place your order online

Every Wednesday at 11am a new Meal Plan menu is uploaded with 24 new mouth-watering dishes we'll serve the following week from Monday-Saturday. 

You can view our menu anytime by 
clicking here

You simply place your Meal Plan selections using our easy to use online order form and our kitchen staff do the rest.


2. We prepare your meals

Each meal is prepared by our seasoned chefs, fresh from scratch on the day of delivery. This ensures we use only the freshest produce we can get our hands on. 

Our meals are free of synthetic growth hormones, MSG, pesticides and other nasty chemicals you’ll often find in your food, making Paleo Robbie the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This is the Paleo Robbie promise, we don't use low grades meats or vegetables, all meats and fish are either wild-caught, or pasture-fed, our produce is USDA certified.

Each Paleo Robbie meal contains on average 75g of protein, weighs between 800g-1KG and can be big enough to share. 


3. We deliver to your door (anywhere in Bangkok)

To make life your life even easier, we deliver meals all over Bangkok.

Our delivery schedule starts from 9am in the morning up until 9pm. We can deliver directly to your apartment, office, gym or leave your meals at reception.

Bored of using other delivery services and receiving low quality food in small portions? Then save yourself the time, worry and headache by giving Paleo Robbie a try: 

You can view our latest menu with 24 mouth-watering dishes by clicking the button below: 



  • If you're a new Paleo Robbie customer, use the voucher code Paleo450 to receive 450฿ off when ordering 6 or more meals as a new customer.

You can also download our PDF file on How The Paleo Robbie Meal Plan Works.



1. How do I order?

Ordering is easy. You can browse our menu here and manually select your favorite meals by using the drop down box below each meal.

You can click the meal plan pictures for more information.

If you are a new customer please tick the "First Time Order" box just below Checkout and tell us your preferred delivery time.

2. Why do I order in advance?

There are two reasons we ask you to order at least 36 hours in advance. We love to cook like your great grandmother did. This often means cooking, stewing and simmering for many hours. A classic on our menu is our 24 hour roasted brisket. In order to cook like your great grandmother, without any quick cheats or processed foods, we need to know well in advance how many will be eating.

Secondly we want to offer you value for money. By reducing our wastage to practically 0 as opposed to 30% in restaurants we make sure more food makes its way into your belly. In order to have 0 wastage we need to plan everything well with our small and local farms.

3. Can I still cancel after I ordered?

Yes, you can still cancel your orders up to 36 hours of delivery.

If it's within 36 hours you can unfortunately no longer cancel. It means we have already ordered your spinach and sweet potatoes from our farms. As opposed to standard restaurants we work with a very low margin and a high cost of ingredients. This makes cancelling after 36 hours a costly business.

4. I don't want to be stuck on a plan. Can I still order?

Don't worry about being obligated to order weekly. Our meal 'plan' is very flexible. Consider your credit as pre-paid phone credit. You can simply order whenever you feel like it. If you are out of town or just want to skip a week or two that's no issue at all. Your credit will be valid for 12 months after purchase.

That being said it's not possible to pay per order. We try to keep our cost as low as possible so we can put more food into your meal. This means no daily or weekly invoicing and collections. To keep it neat and easy for everyone, we work exclusively with pre-paid packages. To find our more about our pricing plan please click here.

5. Can I try the meals first before signing up to a package?

Of course you can try the meals before deciding whether you'd like to purchase a package.

You can order for 1 whole week and you will only be billed for the meals ordered. We call this the trial week.

The minimum order for a trial week is 3 meals. If you decide you do like the food and our service and you would like to continue, then we will send you one of our pre-paid meal plan packages.

6. OMG I missed the 5pm deadline on Friday. Can I still eat next week?

Okay if you got here then please take a deep breath. While missing the deadline is scary, it's not the end of the world.

We can still take your orders, but might not be able to deliver on Monday anymore. If you order late we can still deliver your meals that have at least a 36 hour notice.


1. How are the meals prepared?

All meals are prepared completely from scratch in our kitchen. That means every time you find tomato sauce in your meal, we made it entirely from organic tomatoes ourselves. No processed or prepackaged foods are used in our kitchen. No added sugars or MSG to make it taste just a bit better.

In most places you'll find chefs frying or roasting food at a very high temperature. While this may be benefit the taste or texture in a small way it also oxidizes cooking fats and oils, which is harmful to your health. Therefore in our kitchen everything is prepared with medium to low heat only.

2. Are all your ingredients organic?

No. Most of our ingredients are in fact not organic. While we agree with some of the ideas behind the organic label, it doesn't always make sense.

Our beef comes exclusively from New Zealand where antibiotics are forbidden and feedlots don't exist. This means all of the beef is pasture-fed and 'clean', but not organic due to marketing/licensing issues.

We care that all ingredients used come from pesticide-free, antibiotic-free and growth hormone-free sources.

We ban any ingredients from China, period. Food integrity in China is poor. Unfortunately they are also a massive supplier of agricultural products world wide and found in many restaurants in Thailand.

3. What ingredients are used in my meal?

We use only ingredients as 'allowed' on the Paleo Diet as on PaleoLeap. This basically means a lot of no no's when it comes to certain ingredients.

It's quite a list, so here we go: No industrial meats, added sugar, cheap cooking oils, farmed fish, preservatives, artificial food flavorings, artificial food colorings, pesticide intensive farmed vegetables, grains, legumes, dairy (except for ghee) and no processed foods.

Basically if it doesn't come straight from nature in the form of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts or meats we don't use it.


1. Where do you deliver?

We deliver anywhere in central Bangkok. We also deliver to far out areas like Nichada Thani, Samut Prakan and many places in between. Check out our delivery map here.

If you are not sure if we can deliver to you, simply send us a quick mail here and we'll get back to you shortly.

2. When is the food delivered?

We can deliver your food every day between 9am and 9pm. When sending your meal plan please inform us about your preferred delivery time in the comment box.

Once you let us know you preferred delivery time we will automatically keep it. So there is no need to fill in your preferred delivery time every week unless you want to change it.

3. Do you charge a delivery fee?

Yes, we charge 50 Baht per delivery at the moment, regardless of the number of meals ordered.

4. Can I have multiple delivery addresses?

Yes, you can have a different address each day. But you can not have multiple addresses on the same day.

For example you ordered 3 meals on a Friday, then all 3 meals must be delivered to one address. But you can pick a different address for Friday and Saturday for example. As long as you let us know your address 36 hours in advance then it's no problem at all.

4. Payments

1. How and when do I pay?

We have three payment options at the moment: Paypal (credit card), Bitcoin or Bank Transfers. Both bank transfer and bitcoin are without any extra cost. Unfortunately we charge 2% for all payments done by Credit Card or Paypal.

This is not to make an extra buck, but Paypal charges us 4%, so we kindly ask you to split this with us. Our preferred payment method is Bitcoin. It's fast, free and easy.

For new customers we'll send out an invoice on Saturday with the total amount for next week. We realize this doesn't give you much time to pay, so if you could pay by Monday then we'll continue to deliver your meals as ordered.

For existing clients we'll only send out an invoice when you run out of meal credits.

2. What are the total costs of using our service?

We always want to be as transparent as possible, so here is a quick breakdown of all the costs:

1) Each meal is 299 or 399 Baht depending on the size you choose.

2) We charge 50 Baht per delivery we make. During the trial there are no further charges.

3) If you continue after the trial onto the meal plan then we will charge you for 3 additional BPA-free hygienic containers at 90 Baht each.

Please note that these are re-usable boxes and cost quite a lot. We don't charge you to make an extra profit. It's actually a hassle to pick them up and wash them every day. We do it to use less plastic. Please help us by returning them very regularly.

If we notice you are not returning the boxes frequently we will ask you to purchase additional boxes.