Honey Mustard Wild Salmon w/ Broccoli & Parsley

Wild Sockeye Salmon, Macadamia Honey, Dijon Mustard, Parsley, Clarified Butter, Garlic, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot, Lemon, Sea Salt, Pepper. Total (approximate) Fiber: 12.3

Nutrition per Jumbo Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat18 g
Total Protein84 g
Total Carbohydrates54 g
     Total Fiber15 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Jumbo
RDA of vitamins(%) - Jumbo
Nutrition per Regular Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat11 g
Total Protein50 g
Total Carbohydrates32 g
     Total Fiber9 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Regular
RDA of vitamins(%) - Regular