Balsamic Roasted Beef Brisket w/ Zucchini & Capsicum

Ingredients: Pasture-fed New Zealand Beef Brisket, AGED Balsamic, Garlic, Mustard Seed, Veal Bone Broth, Rosemary, Zucchini, Eggplant, Capsicum, Onion, Clarified Butter, Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

Nutrition per Jumbo Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat63 g
Total Protein85 g
Total Carbohydrates51 g
     Total Fiber16 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Jumbo
RDA of vitamins(%) - Jumbo
Nutrition per Regular Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat38 g
Total Protein51 g
Total Carbohydrates31 g
     Total Fiber10 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Regular
RDA of vitamins(%) - Regular