For months, hundreds of our keto-fans have asked for a fat bomb meal that is the epitome of the keto diet. This has been on our R&D table for a while now but finally, we're able to present to you; The Keto Bombs Stuffing. The bombs are made out of a dough-y mixture of Australian Hass Avocado, 85% Zero-Sugar added Single-Estate Chocolate from Siamaya, Free-Range US-Style Bacon and coated in either coconut flour or bacon bits. If you have a taste for falafel, then you'll definitely come to enjoy these! The bombs are served on a bed of Paleo couscous made from cauliflower, broccoli, cauliflower and daikon, and generously garnished with nuts and blueberries. Ingredients US Style Free-Range Bacon, Australian Hass Avocado, 85% Zero-Sugar Added Single Estate Chocolate from Siamaya, Coconut Flour, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Daikon, Parsley, Capsicum, Blueberry, Walnut, Pecan, Lemon.

Nutrition per Jumbo Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat116 g
Total Protein46 g
Total Carbohydrates51 g
     Total Fiber21 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Jumbo
RDA of vitamins(%) - Jumbo
Nutrition per Regular Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat70 g
Total Protein28 g
Total Carbohydrates30 g
     Total Fiber13 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Regular
RDA of vitamins(%) - Regular

BH   2 months ago

Love these - please have available more often!

JB   5 months ago

Tasty and good textures