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  Where to deliver your meals?
Where to deliver your meals?
We're sorry, we only deliver our Prepared Meals inside our Bangkok delivery area.

However, we deliver most Grocery items nationwide, including a wide variety of paleo Frozen Meals.
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Beef bourguignon

Hearty beef & bacon "low & slow" cooked stew
1071 Calories
74G Fat
68G Protein
38G Carbs
฿299 (ex VAT)
Info See Regular and Jumbo portions information

Also known as beef burgundy, this is a hearty stew of Black Angus chuck, braised for hours in beef broth, mushrooms, and an assortment of root vegetables. And - what's better than beef? Bacon. This is, after all, French cooking so you can't have just one meat in the stew. We've added a generous amount of our nitrate-free bacon to this stew and the flavors meld together mouthwateringly well. So well, you won't even notice that we've omitted the red wine - it's true! Ingredient: Pasture-raised Black Angus beef chuck roll, carrots, onion, extra virgin olive oil (Boundary Bend), pasture-raised pork bacon, garlic, veal bone broth, fresh thyme, ghee, Shiitake mushroom, fleur de sel (evaporated sea salt).