Inspired by the middle eastern dish, we ours has both bacon AND Prime Steer Chuck from New Zealand. Served with a refreshing salad and tzatziki style dip. Ingredients: Prime Steer Chuck Roll, Ground Pork, US Style Smoked Dry Cured Bacon, Onion, Garlic, Cumin Ground, Cardamon Ground, Coriander Powder, All Spice Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Nutmeg Ground, Cucumber, Beetroot, Red Radish, Red Onion, Kalamata Black Olive, Coriander, Tomato, Coconut Milk, Mint, Lime, Parsley,Boundary Bend Estate Australian EVOO, Evaporated Natural Sea Salt and Black Pepper.

Nutrition per Jumbo Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat86 g
Total Protein86 g
Total Carbohydrates32 g
     Total Fiber9 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Jumbo
RDA of vitamins(%) - Jumbo
Nutrition per Regular Size
(Can vary 15% by meal)
Total Fat52 g
Total Protein52 g
Total Carbohydrates19 g
     Total Fiber5 g
RDA of minerals(%) - Regular
RDA of vitamins(%) - Regular

JP   3 months ago

Very delicious. I liked the sauce, too.

NS   a year ago

Vege is not my kind

JK   a year ago

taste good, more olives would be nice

KM   a year ago

liked the kebab and salad. but the coconut dip spoiled it. coconut is not the least bit tangy to counter the heaviness of the kebab ..

NP   a year ago

Coconut smell in Kebab sauce.. I love it!!

AB   2 years ago

Good cold, Amazing when heated up!

AB   2 years ago

Much better when heated up!

SF   2 years ago

Favorite! Every bite delicious!

LH   2 years ago

The sauce is fantastic!

KS   2 years ago

This was truly amazing!

AS   3 years ago

Kofta are delicious but the salad is nothing special.