Where to deliver your meals?
Where to deliver your meals?
We're sorry, we only deliver our Prepared Meals inside our Bangkok delivery area.

However, we deliver most Grocery items nationwide, including a wide variety of paleo Frozen Meals.
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Nam-hom coconut water

100% unprocessed
44 Calories
1G Fat
2G Protein
9G Carbs
 (ex VAT)

This is completely unprocessed organic coconut water, straight from the farm in Dumneon Saduak, Ratchaburi, in a convenient ready-to-drink 230ml bottle. They extract it from the coconuts (which are harvested at peak ripeness), put it into these 230ml bottles, and then immediately blast freeze it and send it our way. This preserves the water in its most natural state, with all of the enzymes and nutrients that nature intended. Outside of drinking coconut water straight from the coconut, it’s rare (especially in the city!) to see completely non-processed coconut water in the marketplace, due to shelf-life concerns. 100% of the coconut water you’ll see for sale at large supermarket chains has been processed with either HPP (high-pressure-processing, where they shoot the liquid through an extremely high pressure cylinder which removes certain enzymes which cause it to spoil quickly - but this also removes some of the healthy nutrients in the water), or UHT (ultra high temperature processing, which also “sterilizes” the liquid but does so through extremely high temperature for a very short time). If you’re used to drinking coconut water from a cardboard carton, the taste of this unprocessed coconut water will be a pleasant surprise. It’s naturally a bit sweeter with a more “rounded” flavor profile - you’ll notice a big difference. Coconut water has a variety of health benefits but is perhaps most known for its hydration / electrolyte-replenishing qualities. That’s because it’s naturally high in the five key electrolytes: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. (More potassium per serving than in a banana or about 15 Gatorades! True story.) Try it before or after a workout, or after a heavy night out (of drinking paleo wines, ahem). Once you defrost this coconut water, consume within 3 days! Extra pro tip: Try this with our organic cold brew.