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How Does The Weekly Meal Plan Work?

Whether you don't have the time to cook or struggle to find meals with just real foods nearby, our weekly Meal Plan service was designed to make eating real food tasty and convenient in Bangkok.

Free-range BBQ Spare Ribs with Slaw & Sweet Potato

         How it works 

1. Every Wednesday at 11 am we upload a new menu of 24 mouth watering dishes for you to choose from.

Meals are made exclusively with pasture-fed chicken, pasture-fed beef, wild caught fish and local soured vegetables. We do not use additives, sugars, refined ingredients or anything that is not REAL food. (We even lab test our produce which you'll see if you keep reading below).

2. Select the meals you'd like to try, create an account, choose your delivery time (9am-9pm) and place your order.

You'll see we have two meal sizes on our menu.

Jumbo size (photo below) are best value with meals weighing between 750g-1KG with around 67g protein on average, perfect for sharing with a partner. Some of our customers will separate a Jumbo meal into two servings to get max value.

Pasture-fed whole baby chicken with Japanese pumpkin, Jalapeno, chicken bone broth and spices (Jumbo Size)

Our Regular size are approximately half the size of our Jumbo and ideal if you want to eat real food but limit your calories. 

Our minimum order amount is 1 meal, however if you're looking to eat more real food or reach a specific lifestyle goal, we recommend 1-2 meals per day. You're much more likely to feel the lasting benefits of eating real food by incorporating it as part of your lifestyle.

3. Once your order is placed, we prepare your meal from scratch on the day of delivery and it arrives on your door-step in BPA-free containers at your desired time and location. We also offer a free recycle pick-up service of our BPA-free containers to minimise the wastage of plastics. 

Each meal is accompanied with an ingredient breakdown and nutrition facts so you know exactly what goes into your body. Each following Wednesdays you'll receive an email when our new menu is live with some health facts about our meals.

You can click on any meal on our menu to learn the exact amount of calories and ingredients used. Start eating real food and join the tribe today:

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Voucher code: PALEO20

Get 20% off your first order when order 3+ meals 

Made using pasture-fed beef and nutrient dense veggies. No rice or grains. 

Our Meal Plan isn't just another food delivery service that claims to offer "healthy food". We avoid using health buzzwords and let our meals do the talking.

To keep Meal Plan standards high, we lab test all our meat and fish (click here to see lab test results) to ensure they are free of antibiotics, steroids and other chemicals that are injected into food today.

Pasture-raised chicken breast, duck eggs, cherry tomatoes, kiwi, melon, grapes and berries.

We even have a Ketogenic meal option each day. Each Meal has symbols alongside it letting you know who it's best suited for. All meals are gluten-free.

If you want to avoid the mid-day food crash that comes from consuming too much sugar or need energy throughout the day, our guilt-free meals will keep you powered all day in Bangkok.

Pistachio crusted Wild Sockeye Alaska w/ asparagus, zucchini and mushroom 


See Our Meal Plan     
Voucher code: PALEO20

Get 20% off your first order when order 3+ meals


You can order as many meals as you like each week or if you're out of town you can skip weeks altogether. It's super flexible.

We also offer plans where you can receive 2% bonus credit, and get the service fee waived off every Meal Plan order, you'll find them at checkout.

The Weekly Meal Plan Offers:

  • 24 new dishes to choose from each week including pasture-fed: chicken & beef, wild caught fish and local sourced vegetables

  • Meals strictly contain NO: MSG, GMO, antibiotics, e-numbers, additives, preservatives, fillers and refined oils.

  • Two meal sizes to help you reach any goal (our Jumbo meal weighs around 800g-1200gr in size, our Regular meals are 400-600g)

  • Meals don't contain fillers such rice or grains. Everything is nutrient dense to power and nurture your body. 

  • 3 Pre-paid package plans where you can get 10% off each order with the waiver or our service fee

Pasture-Fed Lamb Moussaka w/ Eggplant & Sweet Potato


Our weekly Meal Plan service is to help those who struggle to eat real food on a daily basis those who are and are looking for a lifestyle solution for their health needs. 

If you haven't tried our weekly Meal Plan service yet, you can receive 20% off your first order using the voucher code PALEO20

You can view our Meal Plan by clicking the button below:


See Our Meal Plan     
Voucher code: PALEO20

Get 20% off your first order when order 3+ meals


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See Our Meal Plan     
Voucher code: PALEO20

Get 20% off your first order when order 3+ meals