Client Blurbs



“I have been ordering the meals from Paleo Robbie for 2 weeks now and have to say that I have been impressed by the every meal. I think my favorite so far was the Moroccan lamb dish, but they have all been very good. You even succeeded in making liver taste good (in the chicken liver salad) which is not an easy thing to do! Keep up the good work.”


“Thanks for such amazing service and delicious food always!! I’ve definitely recommended your food service to any and all of my colleagues and friends in BKK!”


“I’ve been very happy with the service, quality and portions of the meals. Actually, eating this way saves a lot of money for my family as we often eat out.”


“I have heard so much about Paleo Robbie from friends but never got a chance to try any of their meals until last week and I would have to say I am VERY IMPRESSED! Various choice of meals, on-time delivery and awesome customer service team. Great job guys!”


“The Herb Spiced Lamb with Smokey Aubergine Cermoula was gorgeous by the way…as was the “Honey Roasted Lamb​ and Baby Cos Salad” the day before. I am more than happy with the meals :)”


“I wanted to tell you how delicious the meals have been over the last few days. In particular the chicken and pumpkin salad; aroy mak mak and the mustard crusted pork tenderloin – would rival anything back in the USA.”


“My boyfriend and I are just delighted with the Paleo Robbie service. Not only do we look forward to our meals everyday- the quality, tastiness and freshness of which are just mouth-wateringly amazing, but the quality of the very personalised service is also fantastic. You make our (hectic) life easier, healthier and tastier! It is a fabulous experience all round and one I highly recommend to friends! Congrats on great food, great prices and great customer service.”


“Paleo Robbie is great, I ate like 80% of their food for around 6 months and had really good results with it, felt much better, dropped bodyfat and gained muscle mass without significant exercising.”


“The Korean Beef earlier this week was fantastic! I’ve lived in Korea for a while and this was just out of the world, especially the Kimchi.”


“The meals were DELICIOUS! The bolognese last night was absolutely superb and the satay salad (that I am eating for lunch at the moment) is perfect! My husband and I are immediate fans and we will be ordering frequently.”

Faye & Tom

“The food (and of course the service) is beyond our wildest imaginings. We are in heaven. Faye and I were saying just today that we don’t know what we would have done if she had not searched and found you guys. The quality of food we have seen so far in BKK is a surprise. A bad surprise.”


“I am so happy!!! The meals I have had so far have been absolutely delicious. Better than I could make in a million years and so nice to know it’s all 100% paleo!”


“I once considered murdering a small child that asked me for a bite of my 12 hour roasted lamb shank….”


“We LOVED the Black Angus Striploin Stir Fry! It had amazing flavor and was cooked to perfection! Please offer it again soon!”


“I tried the meal and it was AMAZING =). Honestly, it was even better than I expected. I can tell that you use very high quality ingredients and I was also very impressed with the packaging. I’m actually originally from the states but I’ve been living in Bangkok for the past year for work. One of the hardest things for me has been finding healthy meals since Thai’s love to cook with a lot of sugar as well as carbs (and other things I prefer not to eat). I used to prepare my meals for the whole week and just bring them to work myself, but it was difficult for me to keep them fresh due to the humidity here. With that being said, I’m very excited that I came across the Paleo Robbie meals!”


“What a great concept you guys have going on here. Meals were excellent and so is the service. I love the fact I don’t have to think about my meals every day anymore and don’t have to worry about eating junk street food around the office!”


“The “New Orleans Wings” you made today were extraordinary. If you rebranded tomorrow as “Paleo Orleans Wings And Nothing Else” I would be totally fine with that”


“Last week, I had the Juicy Lamb Meatballs in Tomato Sauce. It was absolutely delicious! The meatballs melted in my mouth. Next time that dish is offered, I am going to order two. Best meatballs I have ever had. Thank you!”


“Thank you guys for being so flexible. You guys have a great service. I have been telling my friends about Paleo Robbie.”


“I LOVE the idea, I am cooking myself only organic, grass fed and mostly Paleo. My lunch box came super on time and it looks DELICIOUS (I already tasted a bit and can not wait for my lunch break to come). I am very happy that I have discovered your service, wish I knew this one year ago hehe. I will definitely continue to be your customer, as I told you next weeks I will be travelling a loot but from October full Paleo power on. Oh and the portions are great!! I love that it is not tiny little something on plate but real food, was working out in the morning so well appreciated.”


“I am so full from each meal that I don’t snack on junk food like I normally do.”


“I appreciate your kind attention to service. The food has also been outstanding, my compliments to the chef.”


“The Pesto Salmon was awesome, compliments to the chef for that one.”


“Amazing meal today…loved the liver. I actually don’t usually love liver so much but it was super delicious and the flavors were just right!”


“What was the dark potato-like ingredient in the Herb Chicken today? Whatever it was, it was delicious. Also I just finished the braised short ribs. Delicious! Best food day so far. This has got to be the most delicious healthy food I’ve ever had!”


“I am really excited about the squid. I like to do a Thai-style curry with coconut milk and egg (not too different from the cod loin), and I also like to make a chilled Mediterranean-style salad with olive oil, lemon, chopped veggies and herbs.

Your service has really made my life so much easier. Thank you to you and the entire staff for the work you do and delicious food you make! I used to sometimes spend several hours per day preparing Paleo food and cleaning up, but you’ve really helped eliminate a lot of that time from my schedule. I’m appreciative, and totally hooked!”



“Holy Mackerel! That fish was tasty today and the roasted veggies were so good too!

Loving your meals so far. The Robbie size is more than I can eat in one sitting, but that’s ok cause I save some for breakfast the next day…a great way to start the day! 🙂

So when do I get a preview of next weeks’ meals???”


“Today’s meal was amazing. Cheers!”


“Just wanted to say the sausages tonight were amazing! Thanks so much!”


“Thank you for the explanation and for giving us 2 containers to use :)! We enjoy the meals you prepared for us daily! First meal was awesome!”


“Two thumbs up to the Ethiopian Chicken Stew and BBQ Pork Ribs. Some of the best meals yet!”


“Thank you. Really enjoyed the beef club sandwich!”


“Enjoyed the new salmon dish this week.”


“I am looking forward to the meals, sure beats ordering junk from ChefsXP.”


“The salmon and Lamb meal was a bit so so, not something I would order again, salmon got very dry after i reheated it, guess thats pretty normal though.

I liked the salads a lot, especially the one with a touch of passion fruit, that was amazing, 10 points. Then the cobb salad I had today was amazing as well, great balance between fruitiness and more regular type of salad flavor.”


“Thanks for a great BBQ and “see you” at 15/2, where I’m back and order again … oh and thanks for great food. You 2 made me eat fish – and like it ;-)”


“Ok, i really hope u can grow. It’s an awesome product and service. It takes about so much hassle knowing u guys have already checked the meat being grassfed and stuff. shifting to paleo is already such a hassle as it is, even if it sounds easy.

My stomache has responded good to your meat. ”


“Sometimes when I look at my food, I just want to look up to the sky and scream PALEO ROBBIE!!!!!!!!!!”


“Hi Robbie, it’s official… I’m never cooking again. Your meal portions are the perfect size for my son and I for dinner. He’s nine years old and actually likes your veggies! Is it too late to add some additions, as follows:”


“Hi Robbie, it’s official… I’m never cooking again. Your meal portions are the perfect size for my son and I for dinner. He’s nine years old and actually likes your veggies!

Today’s chicken was yummy, very tasty. :)”


“The meals have been really great! Thank you so much! I found you all at a perfect time. I broke my foot recently so I’m having a hard time shopping and cooking right now (and now my husband’s traveling for work). I would like to continue with the deliveries and I have just sent in my meal choices for next week.”

German G Miguel

“Pretty sick good meatza! 10/10 would have again”


“Lost 45 pounds thanks to Paleo. If I can do it, so can you!!”


“Loved the mussel curry today……… and had a quick taste of the French curry – both spectacular, thanks!”


“Your meal selections are super good and tasty!! thank you for making us healty and yummy food.”


“I really liked the bratwurst and stroganof this week!”


“My Lamb shanks are waiting for me. Can’t wait to dig into one of my favourite meals of the week.”


“I think Tuesday’s farmer salad + beef cheeks is my fav combo… everything was super fresh esp. the eggs”

Ál Sammy Farha

“wow that cottage pie today is tasty. Compliments to the chef”