Pricing Plans


Depending on your Paleo needs, we have a pricing plan to make everyone happy: *

(*please note Grocery and Meal Plan packages are still separate but will be merged shortly so a Meal Plan package can be used to purchase groceries and vice versa)

Click here to learn more about our introduction rewards for Warrior and Chieftain packages.


*You can get an introduction voucher for each partner as long as you’ve never tried them before.


Why should I pick a pricing plan?

Choosing any of our 3 pricing plans makes ordering simple and easy.


You will not be required to make a payment each time you place an order, have greater flexibility in ordering and receive even greater value if you become a Warrior or Chieftain.


We know that continually entering your payment details can become a chore and our pricing plan makes your life easier.



Charges for disposable and reusable containers

There is a small fee for the use of our delivery containers.


Disposable containers are the most convenient and are currently free but a small environment fee will be charged at some point.


Reusable containers are the most cost effective and environment friendly option. The average cost of reusable containers per 100 deliveries is 2.7 baht (270 baht per 100 deliveries).


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Download our PDF file on How The Paleo Robbie Meal Plan Works