BIG pasture-fed turkeys in stock now

Get ready for Thanksgiving by trying our pasture-fed turkey We are offering a 5% off early bird privilege if you have your pasture-fed turkey delivered before the 14th November.

Our pasture-fed turkeys are truly one of a kind and if you keep reading below you'll learn why. 

Our pasture-fed turkeys are locally raised under French supervision. Free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Each turkey weighs between 6-8kg.

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Only natural feed grown at the farm is given to the turkeys and they have ample space to roam their environment. 

Pasture-fed turkeys are leaner than farmed turkeys from the US because they are bought up in a natural environment and eat a natural diet, which for our pasture-fed turkeys turkey's are ants, termites, acorns, beech nuts etc.

Our Turkey farm in Thailand. Photo taken August 2018.

For this reason our pasture-fed turkeys do not taste like regular supermarket turkeys you may have tried in the past, they taste like turkeys the pilgrims ate thousands of years ago (no, really they do!).

The variation in taste from factory farmed turkeys to pasture-fed turkeys is much greater than factory farmed chicken and pasture-fed chicken. If you prefer a taste to something you're familiar with, we recommend choosing our Pasture-fed Capon Chickens (5KG).

If you want to experience a rare and unique experience of a 100% pasture-fed turkey for the first time, then we recommend choosing our pasture-fed turkey. They are healthier to eat, live a much better life and provide us with an experience on how meat should really taste. 

If you'd like to get 10% off your pasture-fed turkey, visit our grocery place your order today.

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By Robbie