30% off Free Range Chicken Breast and Thigh

This week you grab our free-range chicken breast and thighs at 30% off.

Robbie, why do you mention your chickens as free-range? It's pretty much an empty term now, along with cage free and organic chicken.

I too lost confidence with these terms when visiting supermarkets, but when we say our free-range chickens are FREE-RANGE, we clucking mean it!

Paleo Robbie lab tests all our meat and fish (see below).

100% free-range. Keep scrolling to view our lab tests results


For our chickens, one of the main things we check for is traces of arsenic.

Arsenic is found in chickens that are fed Roxarsone (3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid) commonly referred to as Rox, which is an antibiotic drug food additive used to increase a chicken's weight and appetite.

Rox consumption leads chickens to have a higher than normal level of arsenic in their body which is stored in its meat and liver (link to study in footer of this email).

Long term exposure to arsenic for humans can lead to arsenic poisoning and has been linked with higher rates of skin, bladder and heart cancer.

It's also not healthy for the chickens as they can become overweight and their cell profile changes from the introduction of antibiotics. 

If you scroll to the bottom of this email you can view our lab certificate to ensure no arsenic or hormones are in our chicken. 

We manage our very own co-op farm where chickens have the equivalent of 4 football fields to roam around, eating anything and everything from bugs, worms, termites, ants and organically grown turmeric. You could say they have a better diet than most humans :).

For the rest of the week you can get our free-range chicken breast and thighs at 30% off:

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Below you can find our lab test results for our whole free-range chicken and for our free-range chicken breast. When we say our meat is free-range or pasture-fed - we mean it. All meat and fish we sell at our grocery is regular tested to ensure no chemicals or toxins go into any of our items.

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Arsenic Species in Chicken Breast study

By Robbie