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Until Wednesday we have 25% off all Paleo Kitchen items. Keep reading below to see how you can make over 100 different meals combos from our Paleo Kitchen. 

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The Paleo Kitchen was created to make cooking fun and easy. You can cook over a hundred different combinations of meals from this one section alone, here's how;

1. Choose your marinated meats 

We have 26 marinated meats to choose from including pasture-fed ribeye steaks, free-range chicken breast, home-made burger patties, fish fingers, chicken nuggets & Italian meatballs.

Start by choosing your favourite protein sources, 100% pasture-fed and lab tested (click here to view our lab tests).

Pasture-fed Ribeye Beurre cafe de Paris / Pasture-fed Chicken Breast Coconut Curry

All of our meats are marinated using ingredients from real food.

For example our Piri-Piri marinade has the following ingredients: garlic, coriander, kaffir lime, raw wild honey, sea salt, red onion, cayenne pepper, paprika and olive oil.

We do not use additives, flavourings or powders in any of our marinades. 

2. Choose your sides 

With your protein sources in your basket, next up are our nutrient dense sides.

We have home made sweet, regular potato and truffle potato mash (300g), potato wedges & sweet potato wedges (1kg packs), lamb ragu, bacon bits, 3 home-made soups and sous vide chicken breast.

Sweet potato mash & Sweet potato wedges

They are pre-made and only require re-heating using an oven or a microwave, no cutting or mashing required.

3. Choose your deserts and snacks

Choose between our homemade blueberry muffin, guacamole & sweet potato chips or roasted mix nuts for desert or snacks. 

Don't forget cook your items in grass-fed ghee which you can also find at the Paleo Kitchen.

There are hundreds of different combinations you can make to have a unique dinner each day of the week with minimal effort, with everything on your plate being real food.

Until Wednesday we have 25% off all Paleo Kitchen items - while stocks last.

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By Harvie