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February 18th
February 24th

All our pasture-raised lamb is sourced from Australia and New Zealand, where the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids is strictly forbidden by our selected farms.

Pasture-raised sheep roam the fields all year-long grazing on grass, clover and other pasture-plants like forbs.

Did you know cows that consume 90% grass and 10% browse and forbs, whereas a sheep's diet consists of about 70% grass and 30% forbs. The amount of forbs in a wild pasture can also play a small role in the taste of the meat.

Our sheep are never fed soy, corn or anything else which you cannot find in a wild pasture.

Studies have shown that eating food unnatural to their diet can lead to sheep and cows to become ill, known as grain poisoning, grain overload or lactic acidosis.

This occurs when lamb who are not accustomed to eating grain is moved to a grain-based diet and fall sick (2).

If you regularly order our beef, we're confident you'll love all our pasture-raised lamb.

Both contain a similar nutrient profile making lamb high in vitamin B12 and iron with a number of our lamb items being on the bone giving a softer and juicer flavour.

They say variety is the spice of life, so why not try some of our pasture-raised lamb this week and add more range to your meals.

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February 18th
February 24th

By Paleo Robbie