Free-range turkey in stock at Paleo Robbie
November 08, 2016

We are glad to announce that we have gotten our hands on a very limited supply of free-range turkeys for this Thanksgiving at the Paleo Grocery.

Like all our meats, each turkey is completely free-range and free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

Our turkeys are sourced from a small local farm in the East of Thailand. By choosing free-range turkeys this Thanksgiving, not only do you receive a tastier product, but you also help support local farmers in Thailand.

The average size of each turkey is around 5kg which is enough to feed a family of 4.


Each turkey comes as whole and we also send you the liver, feet and other nutrient-rich organs separately (ideal for soups).

We only have a limited number of turkeys and are selling them on a first-come first serve basis. Our free-range turkeys are uncooked and can’t be found in supermarkets.

To buy our free-range turkeys visit our grocery while we still have stock:

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