Grab a pack of Chicken Thighs with your next Paleo Box

It's not every day you can grab a pair of thighs without getting in trouble, but this week only at the Paleo Grocery, we're giving all chicken lovers a pack of Free-range Chicken Thigh on the house with your next Paleo Box.

Chicken thigh is high in B-6, 
zinc and phosphorus and extremely juicy making it great for just about any dish. Our chicken thigh is our 2nd best seller in our chicken section.

                                                                                                 Voucher code: PaleoThigh

Free-range chicken thigh is free of hormones, GMO and growth hormones.

To get your complimentary pack of free-range chicken thighs, place a grocery order this week and use the voucher code PaleoThigh:


                                                                                             Voucher code: PaleoThigh

                                                                                             Offer ends: June 4th.