Wild Sockeye Salmon (40%) and Ribeye Steaks (20%) off! 


Yes, everybody's favorite surf and turf promotion is back!

For the rest of the week we're offering Wild Sockeye Salmon from Alaska and Pasture-fed Prime Steer Ribeye (both best sellers) at 40% and 20% off respectively. 

Sockeye Salmon - wild caught in the blue seas of Alaska, Sockeye contains approximately 44g of protein per 200g serving, and is packed to the gills with omega-3, B vitamins and antioxidants.

Our Sockeye Salmon is wild caught and low in PCBs and mercury with red-flesh due to their natural diet.

Prime Steer Ribeye - sourced from the Canterbury grasslands of New Zealand, each steak contains approximately 58g of protein weighing in at a mighty 275g. 

Our steaks are free from antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and GMO. Pasture-fed beef is high in Omega-3 and CLA. 

To get your hands on our mouth-watering Wild Sockeye Salmon (40% off) Prime Steer Ribeye (20% off) simply visit the Wild Salmon and Steaks section of the Paleo Grocery:

                                                                                           Offer ends June 18th.