Do wines that don't give you hangovers exist?
June 19, 2017

More about PaleoRobbie.com

Paleo Robbie is Bangkok's #1 independent grocery delivery service offering natural and organic wines from France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia that you cannot find at your average grocery store.

All our wines are either organic or natural, meaning they are made without chemicals and have had minimum technological intervention in growing grapes.

Each wine comes with its own rustic casing and a wine card letting you know how each bottle was produced, ideal serving temperature and how long to open before serving.


Drink wine the way it was meant to be, free of chemicals and added sugars.

We stock over a dozen hard to source wines that would cost you 4-10x the price if you bought them at any of Bangkok's finest restaurants.

A number of our wines are so exclusive they can can only be found at the infamous Sühring, voted Bangkok#s #1 restaurant of 2017 and ranks #13 in Asia's best 50 restaurants for 2017.

We deliver wine only in the greater Bangkok area and deliver is free of charge is the city of Bangkok (not the entire province!).

Our online grocery also contains hard to find produce such as pasture-fed beef from New Zealand, wild sockeye salmon from Alsaka and pasture-fed chicken eggs.

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