Don't flounder on this week's promotion

For the rest of the week, add a Wild Orange Roughy to your cart and use the voucher PaleoOrange, to receive it on the house until July 9th.

Wild Orange Roughy is our best seller in our Wild Fish section, and is wild caught using sustainable fishing practices.

Each fillet weighs between around 175g, is totally boneless and packed with selenium (natural antioxidant) and Vitamin E.

Wild Orange Roughy is a great tasting fish costing 142฿ per fillet if you want to load up on your next order.

                                                                          Voucher Code: PaleoOrange

To grab a complimentary pack of Wild Orange Roughly, simply place an order at the Paleo Grocery using the voucher code PaleoOrange:

                                                                                    Voucher Code: PaleoOrange