10% off Nuts This week



For the rest of the week, all nuts in our Nuts and Seeds section of the Paleo Grocery are 10% off, no voucher needed.

Our nut promotion includes Almonds, Brazil nuts, Pecan nuts, Pine Nuts, Walnuts, Macadamias, Cashews, Pistachios and Hazelnuts.

All nuts are raw meaning they have not been roasted, covered in salt or cooked in oil.

Raw nuts contain less sodium and no hydrogenated oil which is a side effect of roasting nuts in soybean or canola oil, which is itself are also often GMO. 

You can choose to eat our nuts raw or soak and activate them yourself, which is the process of placing your nuts in a bowl of water and salt to break down the phytic acid content and make the nutrients more bioavailable. (We also sell soak and activated almonds if you don't want to soak your own nuts).

You can eat nuts as a tasty snack, make your own almond mix, use them in salads or even make your own homemade nut butter. 

Go nuts with your next Paleo Grocery order and try our raw and organic nuts. 10% off until the end of the week.

Offer ends 30th July.