50% off Ribeye Steaks This Week Only

Chocolate or flowers? Nothing says I love you mom like two big pasture-fed rib-eye steaks. 

Celebrate Mother's Day this week by taking advantage of our 50% off New Zealand pasture-fed prime steer rib-eye this week only. (max 5 per customer).

Voucher code: Ribeye50

Thai Mother's Day takes place on the 12th of August, what better way to show your mother love than by giving her Vitamin B6, B12, iron and more protein than she knows what to do with?

If you're an expat and your mother is overseas, send her a snap of what she could have had and eat it yourself (mothers love unconditionally so she shouldn't be angry).

Surprise your mother this Mother's Day with our Pasture-fed Prime Steer Ribeye from New Zealand at 50% off, simply visit the Steaks section of the Paleo Grocery:

                                                                     Offer ends August 13th. Max 5 per customer. 

                                                                                         Voucher code: Ribeye50