7-day supply of coconut water with your next order.
August 18, 2017

This week we're kicking dehydration in the coconuts by giving everyone a 7-day supply of 28 Days Organic Coconut Water with their next Paleo Box when using the voucher code COCO7PACK.

Voucher code: COCO7PACK

Dehydration in Thailand can affect you without realizing. The Bangkok heat, the dry air from the air-conditioning can leave you dehydrated quicker than you realize.

It causes low energy levels, headaches, dry mouth, poor sleep and lack of mental clarity. 

Here's how coconut water compares to typical sports drinks for rehydration:

Living in Thailand, peak dehydration occurs upon waking up, as sleeping with air-conditioning reduces water content in the atmosphere which causes extra water loss from the lungs and skin.

Raw Coconut water is one of the richest and natural sources of electrolytes, potassium, and magnesium which all help in aiding dehydration, and contains more minerals than local bottled water which has gone under reverse osmosis.

Our 28 Days Organic Coconut Water is 100% raw with nothing added or taken away. 

A single serving can be consumed in a few minutes alongside breakfast, and small enough to fit in your bag to drink at work, or after exercise ensuring your body is hydrated around the clock.

If you're experiencing any of the issues listed above and think it may be down to a lack of hydration, grab your 7-day supply of 28 Days Organic Coconut Water, kick dehydration in the nuts and reclaim your energy.

You can find the 7-day supply of coconut water in our Coconut section of our grocery:

Voucher code: COCO7PACK

Offer Ends August 27th.


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