It’s Finally Back! Red Sockeye Salmon
November 01, 2015



It’s been a long wait, but we finally managed to get our hands on a recent catch of Sockeyes. They are in our opinion the tastiest of all wild salmon species. They are not quite as fatty as the king salmon, but they still provide plenty of omega 3 and other nutrients due to their varied feed in the wild.


These sockeye come from the cold waters of Kamtjatka and are recently certified by the MSC as sustainable. Kamchatka contains probably the world’s greatest diversity of salmonid fish, including all six species of anadromous Pacific salmon (chinook, chum, coho, seema, pink, and sockeye). Due to its uniquely suitable environment, biologists estimate that a fifth of all Pacific salmon originates in Kamchatka.

The sockeye is available in whole fillets and weigh roughly 650 to 950 gram per fillet. You can find them on our grocery page under the wild fish section.


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