30+ new items added to the Grocery
December 05, 2017

In the last 7 days we have added over 30 new items.

Our new items include:

Wild Kangaroo Rump and Loin Fillet - a great ultra lean red meat with less than 2% fat, high in protein, iron and perfect for BBQs. 

100% Pure Coconut MCT Oil - Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) oil has been known to improve mental focus, support healthy weight management and regulate blood sugar levels and insulin.

It's commonly mixed with Grass-fed butter or Ghee (you can find both in the Primal Diary section) and coffee to make what is known as bulletproof coffee which helps with focus and cognitive function. 

White Pyrenees Lamb Shoulder & Boneless Leg - Pasture-fed from the foothills of the Pyrenees Ranges. 

All White Pyrenees Lambs are raised without antibiotics and are free of growth hormones. They are also fed turnips, brassicas, lentils, lupins and oats giving them a rich marbling and juicy taste - perfect for group dinners. 

Kombucha- is fermented tea and natural sugar and referred to as the Immortal Health Elixir as it helps maintain a healthy liver, gut, mental health and reduces inflammation. 

We have also added New Zealand Hass Avocados, Organic Tahini, InstaKetones, a range of coffee and more to our Grocery the last few weeks.

You can find all our new items in the New Arrivals Section of our Grocery:

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