Keto Meal Plan in Bangkok
March 06, 2018

We are happy to announce that the Paleo Robbie Meal Plan now offers 1 Ketogenic meal per day with delivery to anywhere in Bangkok.

If you view our Meal Plan menu you'll notice some meals have a K icon on their picture:

All meals with the K icon have been tailored for those who require low amounts of carbohydrates in their diet. It's an excellent choice for weight-loss, diabetics and is keto-friendly.

There will be 1 ketogenic meal listed for each day of the week, we have also added a Ketogenic Diet pre-selection option which you can find at the top of our Meal Plan:

If you would like to learn more about our Meal Plan and how it works, please click here

Nutritional information and RDA profiles 

Another feature we added to our Meal Plan is the introduction of vitamin and mineral count of each meal.
To view the vitamin and mineral breakdown of any meal, simply click on any photo and you'll see graphical and chart data of your meals:

All nutritional information is based on our Jumo Size meals, if you order Regular Size then you should simply divide the numbers by 2.

For example, Smokey Bacon Kofta Kebab has approximately 927 calories Jumbo Size. The Half Size option would have approximately half which would be 463 calories. 

With the addition of our Ketogenic Meals and vitamin and mineral breakdown for every meal, eating healthy and knowing what goes into your body has never been easier or more transparent with Paleo Robbie.

If you have never tried Paleo Robbie before, you can use the voucher code Paleo450 to get 450b off your first order when ordering 6 or more meals:

Voucher code: Paleo450


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