Ribeye Steaks (20%) and Salmon (40%) off!


Who doesn’t love ribeye steaks and wild caught Sockeye salmon?

We know you do and this week only our Prime Steer Ribeye and Wild Sockeye Salmon (best sellers) are at 20% and 40% off respectively. 

Prime Steer Ribeye - sourced from the grasslands of New Zealand, each steak contains approximately 54g of protein weighing in at a mighty 275g.

Our steaks are free from antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and GMO.

Wild Sockeye Salmon - caught in the blue seas of Alaska, each Sockeye fillet contains approximately 44g of protein per 200g serving, and is packed to the gills with omega-3, B vitamins and antioxidants.

Our Wild Sockeye Salmon is wild caught by fishermen, giving our fillets minimal mercury content compared to other farmed fish.

To get your hands on our new shipment of Prime Steer Ribeye (20% off) Wild Sockeye Salmon (40% off), simply visit the Steaks and Wild Fish section of the Paleo Grocery :

                                                                                              Offer ends March 19th.