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About Us

Our mission? Trust your food again.

Food is big business.

And big business usually means producing the highest quantity at the lowest cost. Sometimes that’s great - but when it comes to food, it’s usually not.

Today’s supermarkets are full of processed “food products” with ingredients your grandmother wouldn’t recognize - and meats & fish from a factory farming system that puts volume and profits before your health, animal welfare, and sustainability.

Fortunately, it’s not all like that! There are plenty of great producers focused on making food in a way that’s better for your health, your tastebuds, and the planet.

That’s where we come in.

We love to obsess about ingredient quality and supplier integrity - so you don’t have to. And we pride ourselves on having the highest standards in the industry.

Learn more about our standards below.

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Our food standards -
aka our real food promise to you:

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Rule #1: It must taste amazing!

Flavor is first - because without that, nothing else matters.

Our team of foodies & chefs try everything we carry & cook, and if it doesn’t taste great, we’re not selling it.

Pretty simple! (Like most great food.)

No antibiotics or growth hormones in your meats or fish.

We carry (and cook with) only:

    - 100% grass-fed beef
    - 100% wild-caught fish
    - free-range pork & poultry

Guaranteed to be free from hormones or antibiotics.

Why do we do this? Animals that ate their natural diets are healthier for you and for the planet - and the animals live the good life too.

We support regnerative farming & sustainable fishing operations that allow us to eat the way nature intended.

Learn more about grass-fed vs grain-fed beef, why we only carry wild-caught fish, and more on our blog.

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No cheap, highly-processed seed or “vegetable” oils.

Industrial oils like canola, soybean, or other seed or “vegetable” oils require heavy processing and chemicals to make them edible - not a good sign.

And because these oils are super cheap, you’ll find them hiding in everything from processed foods to street food - so it’s easy for these “bad fats” to add up in a hurry.

We don’t allow ANY seed oils in our products or our Grocery.

Instead, we cook with healthier fats like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter or ghee, or animal fats.

Turns out that these usually taste better too - so your body AND your taste buds will thank you for cutting out industrial oils!

Local, certified organic produce as often as possible!

We source our produce from a trusted group of farms and suppliers who are committed to growing the market for pesticide-free produce in Thailand.

Organic certification is usually too costly for small growers, and the best quality often comes from personal relationships - so we visit our suppliers’ farms ourselves and get to know them.

While Thailand produces lots of great fruits & veggies, and we love to support local farms - Thailand doesn’t have the ideal climate for growing everything, so for some items, we work with trusted importers.

Our produce is clearly labeled as either pesticide-free, certified organic, or GAP. If you’re ever unsure - just ask us! We can tell you where the latest produce is in from.

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No weird stuff, period.

The modern food industry is a lot more concerned with cost, extreme taste, or shelf life than your health.

We believe real, high-quality food delivers amazing flavor AND great nutrients, without the need for weird additives.

If you don’t recognize an ingredient, your body probably doesn’t either!

Want to get specific? Check out our “no thanks” list below, where we share what you’ll never find in our food or our Grocery.

The “no thanks” list

Here’s what you won’t find on our Grocery or in our food

NO beef that is not 100% grass-fed

NO factory-farmed poultry or pork

NO fish that is not wild-caught

NO seed or “vegetable” oils like canola

NO refined sugars

NO artificial flavors or sweeteners

NO additives hiding behind INS numbers

NO artificial or non-food preservatives

NO soy lecithin or non-food thickeners

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NO GMO ingredients


NO corn starch or syrup

NO hydrogenated oils

NO dextrose or maltodextrin

NO conventional dairy

NO synthetic food colorings

NO conventional wheat flours

NO fruit juice concentrates

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