We wanted a food company where every
ingredient was one we could trust.

So we started one.

We are Thailand’s only 100% nothing processed, nothing artificial food company.
We believe food should keep you strong and sharp, not make you sick or slow you down.

We just call it Real FooD.

Read on to learn more about us and the way we approach food.


Our food philosophy -
keeping it REAL

What does “healthy” mean to you? Chances are it’s a confusing mess of conflicting advice or buzzwords you’ve seen on processed food labels.

For us, we believe it’s pretty simple: let’s get back to the way humans are supposed to eat. The way we ate before the rise of big industrial food companies and marketing departments. The way where food energizes, heals, and powers a long and fulfilling life – not the other way around.

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Here are our guiding principles:
Take a pass
on processed “food“.
Nature has a sweet
tooth too, sometimes.
A great plate?
Both plants and animals.
Don’t be afraid of
occasional indulgence!
Count ingredients,
not calories.
Eat together, as
often as you can.
healthy fats!
Wellness is more
than just real food.
Take a pass on processed “food.”
If you don’t recognize an ingredient, chances are your body won’t either. #checkyourlabels

Here's what you will and won't find in our Meals & Grocery:

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What we do

100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef

Wild-caught fish & seafood

Pesticide-free produce

Our cooking oil? Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil

Grass-fed, organic, full-fat dairy

USDA organic coffee and tea

Nitrate/additive-free bacon

Condiments / dressings made fresh in-house daily

Real-food sweeteners like honey or fruits

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What we don’t do

No GMO, ever (including our animals’ diets)

No gluten or wheat

No industrial seed or “vegetable” oils

No refined starches

No artificial preservatives

No refined sugars or conventional / chemical sweeteners

No industrial lecithins, gums, dextrins, or other thickeners

No wines with high added sugar or sulphites

No fruit juice concentrates


Our supplier standards:

We spend a lot of time, and take a lot of pride, in sourcing each and every ingredient that makes its way into our kitchen or onto our Grocery. Most of the time, we visit our suppliers’ farms and facilities in person to get to know them and their practices so we can share them with you.

And just to be sure, we also regularly and randomly send our food off to a lab to test for the harmful stuff (the most recent reports can be found here).

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Silverfern Farms in New Zealand, where we source much of our pasture-raised beef.
Why do we do this?
There are more corporate tricks & games in the food industry than just about anywhere else.<br/> Misleading labelling, slippery definitions, low-to-no accountability standards, and sneaky industry
practices are everywhere you look. A few quick examples:
“Grass-fed” labels on conventionally-farmed beef that was fed grass for most of its life, but was then “finished” with grains (i.e., fed grains to quickly fatten the animal during the last four months – usually with a nice dose of steroids & antibiotics to accelerate the process). All of our beef is 100% grass-fed AND finished.
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Fishing waters off the coast of Alaska, where our salmon are from (look for the MSC certification to know the fish are wild-caught and sustainably fished).

We could go on (chicken, coffee, dairy…), but you get the idea. And this is before we even discuss the marketing machine built by big-food companies to sell people (and regulators!) on how “healthy” all those processed foods are. That’s a blog post for another day.

So yes – we spend a lot of time looking for great, honest sources for everything that we bring into the kitchen or sell on our grocery. If we don’t eat it ourselves, you won’t find it for sale. Simple as that.

This means we say no to potential products much more often than we say yes. It also means we get excited when we’re able to bring a new product or a seasonal treat to our customers, so you’ll probably hear about it if you’re on our email list or our social media, so keep an eye out.


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