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Promotions, Payment and Returns T&Cs
The following applies to all Paleo Robbie packages, payments and voucher codes unless stated otherwise:
  1. 1. Only one voucher code can be used per Meal Plan or Grocery order.

  2. 2. Vouchers can only be used a maximum of once per customer, unless stated otherwise in the promotion.

  3. 3. Friends or family members at the same address cannot use a voucher code more than once between them.

  4. 4. Voucher codes cannot be combined, broken up, transferred or converted for cash value.

  5. 5. Voucher codes cannot be used after its expiry date.

  6. 6. Voucher codes that state they can only be used by new customers, cannot be used by customer who have tried the Paleo Robbie service.

  7. 7. We accept all Visa/MC/Amex credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal payments.

  8. 8. Refunds are given as in-store credit immediately (within 1 working day) in the event a product was damaged or incorrectly delivered. The customer cannot return the product, but in case of a spoiled product or a missing one we give 100% refund as in-store credit. 

  9. 9. What does Cash Refundable for Chieftains mean? Cash refunds for unused in-store credit are given to Chieftain members for their paid in-store credit upon request (within 10 working days) for up to 1 year. Refunds may incur bank fees. In-store credit credit does not expire for ten years. We do not give cash refunds for unused in-store credit to Savage or Warrior members, but credit can be transferred to another customer for a small admin fee. In-store credit which wasn't paid for but given as a bonus or for a promotion is never cash refundable.

Any questions? Please reach out to our friendly Paleo Bjorn at [email protected]