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    (Bangkok only, limited delivery slots available).
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    Products with this icon are made to order, so same day delivery is not available.
    (Order before 8pm for next day.)
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    Free delivery for orders of B1,500 or more
    (central Bangkok only).


    Items added in the last few weeks,
    and/or seasonal items.

    Cooked meats

    Pre-cooked to perfection by our chefs.
    You "just heat & eat" for a quick & easy real food meal!

    Marinated meats

    Quality meats marinated by our chefs.
    Ready to cook at home

    Salad central

    Get your daily dark leafy greens sorted without the hassle:
    Pre-washed, premium salad mixes, salad topping kits, our housemade dressings, and more.


    gut-warming homemade recipes, great for a quick & filling meal

    Potato sides

    healthy "clean carb" side dishes & snacks

    Easy side veg

    quick & easy way to add some veg your plate for lunch or dinner.
    pre-cooked to 75% for perfect finishing when you re-heat!

    Chips & dips

    Chips & dips made in-house in small batches.
    bestsellers for 7 years running!

    Paleo bakery

    Baked goods made without wheat flour, gluten, or cane sugars.
    Made to order by our chefs daily

    One-pan stir fry kits

    Started by our chefs, finished by you!
    Delicious one pan, 10-minute meals

    Frozen meals

    Wide selection of our paleo meals, frozen.
    Great everyday or as a backup plan


    100% grass-fed & finished steaks from New Zealand and Australia,
    antibiotic and growth hormone-free

    Classic steaks


    Alternative steaks


    Specialty cuts

    specialty cuts of 100% grass-fed and finished beef
    from our friends in NZ & Australia

    Whole beef cuts

    Feeding a crowd? Save money on the whole cut
    Always 100% grass-fed and finished, free from antibiotics

    Poultry cuts

    Pasture-raised, organic, or cage-free poultry options,
    Guaranteed free from antibiotics. Taste the difference!

    Poultry products

    Pasture-raised and free-range poultry products.
    100% antibiotic and growth hormone-free

    Ground meats

    Ground meat from grass-fed animals.
    Ground in-house & flash frozen


    house-made, seasoned grass-fed beef burgers
    & some non-beef options

    Pork & bacon

    Free range pork from high-welfare farms, frozen.
    Antibiotic & growth hormone free

    New Zealand lamb

    the best lamb-producing country in the world

    Sausages & chorizo

    Free-range artisan sausages
    from Bangkok's best sausage houses

    Deli meats & charcuterie


    Game & veal

    Grass & milk-fed veal and game meats.
    from our friends in Australia and New Zealand

    The Smokehouse

    expertly smoked meats & fish, in-house and from our trusted partners

    Thin sliced cuts

    great for hot pots, shabu shabu

    Organs & bones

    the most nutrient-dense things you can eat!
    as paleo as it gets.


    Wild-caught, sustainably-fished salmon from Alaskan bays & river mouths.
    taste the wild-caught difference!


    wild-caught off the coast of southern Thailand


    Wild-caught cod, frozen, phosphate-free

    Local fish

    sustainably-caught wild fish from Southern Thailand

    Other imported fish

    wild-caught fish from the species' native waters around the world

    Canned fish


    Other wild seafood

    Wild-caught seafood, tinned or frozen, phosphate free

    Fresh fruit & vegetables

    fresh produce from farms around thailand & imported.
    organic where labelled!

    Frozen imported

    Quality fruits & vegetables that we can't source locally. Frozen.


    pasture-raised eggs. natural diets & no antibiotics.
    see and taste the difference!

    Butter & ghee

    exclusively grass-fed butter & homemade ghee

    Milk & cheese

    Organic, grass-fed milks &
    chemical/preservative-free, naturally produced cheeses


    made with milk from 100% grass-fed cows

    Plain nuts & seeds

    great for snacking or sprinkling into your cooking.
    always pesticide-free.

    Nut mixes & snacks


    Nut butters



    Our range of "real food" chips
    clean snacking bestsellers for 7 years running


    Made-to-order, daily

    Popcorn & puffs

    popcorn without the seed oils and artificial flavors
    go organic!


    Organic seaweed snacks

    Rice snacks


    Jerky & biltong

    High-quality, portable protein snacking,
    at home or on-the-go

    Real food bars

    Snack bars made from real foods only.
    No preservatives, emulsifiers/lecithins, artificial sweeteners, cheap oils, or other junk.




    from artisan manufacturers. no emulsifiers,
    additives, or cheap oils.

    Ice cream

    because sometime frozen things are the best things

    Broths & stocks

    bring depth of flavor and nutrients to your cooking with our homemade stocks.
    frozen not pasteurized to preserve nutrients and flavor

    Coconut products

    one of nature's tastiest, healthiest,
    and most versatile plant foods


    free from preservatives, texturizers, and other additives.
    just the real thing.





    Pickles & fermented

    get your delicious daily dose of probiotics!

    Paleo kitchen

    real food items straight from our kitchen to yours

    Other prepared foods

    Other prepared foods from selected producers

    Organic pasta

    Ancient grain, organic pastas

    Gluten-free pastas

    Pasta without the gluten
    Pair with a pasture-raised meat sauce for a well-rounded meal

    Organic noodles

    organic, traditionally made noodles.
    taste the difference!

    Cereal & granolas

    Whole-food cereals & granolas

    Canned & jarred

    Pantry staples, at the ready

    Honey & dried fruits

    raw, wild honey. unprocessed, unpasteurized to preserve the nutrients & enzymes.

    Organic rice & beans

    Organic rice, quinoa, and beans.
    Naturally gluten-free.

    Oils & healthy fats

    Upgrade your cooking
    & feel the difference



    Asian cooking

    Curry paste, fish sauce, and other staples of Asian cuisine,
    without any junky additives


    high-quality baking essentials

    Salt & pepper


    Spices & herbs

    add some spice to your life.

    Organic spices


    Herb & spice blends






    Nut milks

    made to order on the day of your delivery.
    taste the freshness difference.

    Bone broths

    packed with vital nutrients & amino acids you might otherwise miss.
    and delicious out of a hot mug.

    Coffee beans

    One of the most heavily chemical-treated crops in the world. Go organic!
    Roasted by local roasters.

    Single origin






    Cold brew coffee



    Organic, artisan teas from local sustainable producers


    delicious fermented teas with a natural probiotic boost

    Cold-pressed juices

    made to order on the day of your delivery.
    cold-pressed for maximum nutrient density

    Smoothie kits

    Just add ice and blend your way to a great smoothie.

    Sparkling water

    high-quality mineral waters from around the globe.

    Other beverages


    Bath & body

    keep harmful chemicals off your skin too!

    Baby food


    Baby care


    Paleo pets!

    All-natural, animal-protein based food and treats
    for the real boss of the household!

    Kitchen & cookware


    Natural cleaning products


    Glass food storage

    upgraded food storage - great investment.

    Other household


    Protein powders

    Grass-fed whey and/or organic plant-based protein powder options
    without the cheap, artificial additives



    Superfood powders

    Power up your smoothies or beverages with certified organic superfood powders




    All the good 'shrooms.
    (Well, many of them...)

    Other supplements





      Special discounts we're running right now,
      or off-cuts / B-grade items that we sell for less


      bundle & save on some of our most popular product lines

      Quick breakfasts

      healthy breakfasts that can be
      prepared in a hurry or enjoyed on the go

      Serious breakfasts

      for your weekend breakfast adventures

      For sharing

      sharing is caring!
      great for hosting or just feeding a hungry family

      Snack time


      Heat & eat dinners

      bundle & save on some of our most popular heat & eat items

      Cooking dinner

      when you have some more time for
      cooking for yourself or the family